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tv   [untitled]    March 22, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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firsthand the degraded state of the school, talk with teachers, students and parents and get a feel for how messed up the brass actions of our leadership have created. thank you. president mendoza: thank you. >> my name is katie basie and i'm in my second year of teaching at willie brown in the bay view zone. i'm going off my colleague, jonathan, and remind you that in december this year our principal russ was removed from willie brown. giving the district the benefit of the doubt and assuming there's a reason for it, i'm wondering why he was replaced with a woman with no administrative experience, which her last experience was in a school that is opposite of ours. i asked her to respond to the aforementioned email, what is karen francois doing here, what purpose does she have, what is
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her vision for me and my students. i was pleading for a reason for direction, for it not to be the case that the willie brown community has experienced a drastic and dramatic transition unnecessarily. eileen murphy had nothing to say but, well, have you asked her what her vision is? so i must plead with you for a reason for the current bay view zone administration and direction going forward.
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>> the next set of speakers are from bay view high school. alice body. i'll ask the same. i'll give you one minute. >> my name is jay cozak. good evening. i want to say that we have many parents and staff that had to leave we had at least 50 people here. i want to say what i'm about to say you don't know. when we do our budgets, our b
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budget is $800,000 in the red which means if we put all our money, nothing for supplies, we are consolidating teachers from our school. that's just personnel. what does that mean for washington? we'll be a desirable school to undesirable school already people are calling up and finding out we may not be able to give them the classes you are shorting us 200 students. we are a desirable school.
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then we'll have an operational budget. please do that. thank you. i've been a high school teacher for 16 years. i'm also here to represent a multiethic african-american students. strong sxroe comprehensive high schools should continue to serve kids from the study. why destroy the district's strengths. students first, right.
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why aren't cuts being made. teachers working in the class node to be the priority as well. teachers have to do more with less all the time. employ yoes outside the classroom have to do the same. do not drop washington's enrollments below 2200-200 in enrollment. >> please finish up. >> thank you. >> i'll say this quickly. there are a lot of people in he
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here. >> my name is desean smith. i think teachers have some luterbrain. moving them to different schools. we go to teachers and tell them about our teachers.
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like myself. i plan on being a teacher and going to school, to educate kids about school and life because to me, i think school is a lot more than just books. school has been a skd life to me don't cut our teachers. keep all of our 200 students there.
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jo with all that said, i've been told to pull myself up by the boot straps. no matter how willing stou dents will be, they understand tax skemgs doesn't get out. my younger sister's future will be compromised. as well as a san francisco resident. we can't make changes without
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starting on the resident. thank you. >> good evening. i'm a senior at george washington high school. i came address the tax exceptions. it would mean noerly 8 students would laernd grow in washington. i wasn't pursuing an educational career. now i've met inspoiring teachers. they both inspired me personally. if those tax exceptions don't go
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through, washington will barely be able to build the process. i'd like to p.l.o.ed the board members out here to pass the tax exceptions to go through. thank you for your time. >> thank you. good evening, e. a lot of consequences affecting students. some of the concerns we have is there will be fewer teachers for sure. a lot of different classes. allowing student it's pursue their interest and passions and barely covering requirements. this will definitely require students that want to go to a very good school.
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as a senior right now. >> could you state your name? >> virginia lee. >> thank you, virginia .
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>> good evening. i'm a seen juror at george washington high school. i've met many teachers who have helped inspire and guide me. they've helped keep me safe. if these features get cut, we wouldn't have the classes nesterovic to meet california's university standards.
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i was told when i was younger to go for the american dream. this is where the power is. people are coming up and expressing communication problems expressing frustration with this scenario that is totally unrealistic. i would like to know where the power is with this board and with you?
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basically, we need to hear your voice. we need to hear on the radio in the news everyday. it has to be if we want to promote what we are doing here in san francisco. we are looking here to be the leaders. just because the district amount hands over money and you ask them to decide how to skin their own hides. that doesn't mean they have autonomy or equity. people are coming to you to try to see if they can get a reasonable decision and definitely some powerful voices here about what we need to do as
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citizens, thank you. going to give you a snap shot and how we are working to close the achievement gap. the second largest school and students we are working on now. those students are coming to watch. our population and i fear if we redouse our size, we'll limit the opportunities. we are looking at losing nursing time. over 50% will qualify for free
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lunch. i would hesitate to cut any services to washington. >> good evening, members of the board. my name is robert smith. i have been a special education para professional. recognizing there are many people waiting to speak, i will be brief or try to. i just want to say that in the years i have worked in washington with an array of teachers and staff, i hope to mentor some amazing students. i am concerned that the proposed
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bunking et cuts are not passed. one of which is very bad. that's the better one. the other one would be absolutely cat strof yik. good staff, good faculty and talented students are now stressed out by the uncertainty of our future. i urge you to try to keep somebody in the strong years. thank you very much. good evening, my name is peter gram. the special education department head. i'd like to speak directly to
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the issue of budget cuts that my be coming down to the state. on top of that, we have been told we are going to cut 200 students. i have a great deal of concern about that. currently at this point, we have been building all the teachers, training them on incluesive practices. this is a very important component of what system will do. at this point, i would really urge you to do is not cut those 200 students. last year, at least seven or eight here right now have struggled to get the needs in his classes in an appropriate
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number so that our student needs could be met. our staff is willing and wants to be cluesive. we work really hard to receive this professional development as well. if we lose 200 students. >> my name is tom. just want to say that washington is a great high school with really great facilities. it would be a tremendous mistake to cut 200 students out of the high school. i urge and hope all of you take
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in consideration that these 200 students please let them go there. thank you very much. >> good evening. i'm a freshman currently attending the high school. i want to step up for my school. i stepped no the music wing. today, i continue to see talent that are music and drama. the election trif program that's show the potential of many students. i want to know if colleges look
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at us thank you. >> good evening, school board members. i'm a freshman. the reason i'm here. my education an everyone else's is the key to our own success. i want to know if i can still meet the graduation requirements in the future. i want to take advanced placement. i don't know if they will be there when i am able to take them. approximately 35 students. one teacher can't provide for 35
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individuals jo i am currently a proud freshman. what really impressed me was the opportunities offered. numerous languages and activities such as japanese, dance and mandarin were offered. these drive me to work my full potential. this is more than just about us. i for one have sibblings who plan to apply for universities. we need to start thinking about more than just ourselves.
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their future and our future. >> i'm a parent and also on the psych counsel. i'm really proud of the kids here. they really did a good job. my son is a junior. he nodes the four years of world language. he wants to be able to compete for the college of his choice. >> restore our budget. do what you can. thanks for having us [applause]
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>> give us an explanation and a number of slots for washington. it can be a written response. will you be able to get back to us with that thank you for waiti
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waiting. if your name has been called, get lined up to get your minutes. thank you. ^ [speaking spanish] . >> i come from brian elementary.
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>> on our last meeting, i asked you to take into account what was going to happen in our school, bryant. we are still waiting for your answer. you should review your mission and restate it again as the mission it is of your vision.
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[speaking in spanish] pub [speaking in spanish]
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we have been ignored. we hold the system and pay the salaries of many people that are here. if we are not taken seriously within a week, we'll go to the press, the public and air our concerns.
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>> as parents, we are on twitter and facebook. we are informed. we request that we have a moating. if we don't, we are going to have to go out there with the press even to the white house if necessary. >> good evening. my name is brandon, i am a student from brian elementary.